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Help Evelynn

Evelynn, Scott and June McWharf’s granddaughter, and her family need our help to fight her very rare cancer. She cannot be treated locally.

How else can you help?

  1. Mail a check to support them: TEAM EVELYNN, C/O POB 726, Cranberry Lake, NY 12927
  2. Plan to attend one or both of our fundraising events:
    • Italian Dinner on Jan 13 at the Cranberry Lake Fire Hall – great food – raffles, 50/50 etc.
    • Jamboree in Massena at the Legion on Jan 21 from 12 to 6: Music, food, raffles of all kinds of great locally donated items, a 50/50 and whatever other cool things we come up with!
  3. Drop your cans and bottles to Junior and Tina at Mountain Gate/Roadrunner Redemption in Star Lake — all proceeds designated for Evelynn will go directly to the family.


Evelynn was born in March 2022 in a New York City hospital because a prenatal ultrasound scan had discovered a large mass on her neck called a teratoma. The doctors removed the mass when she was one day old and that time it was non cancerous.

In late September 2023, she was playing and her mom discovered a lump in her throat, about the size of a grape. The lump was only visible when she would throw her head back – like when she was laughing. Mom immediately called the doctors and they were sent to Burlington, VT emergency room. The doctors found a small mass in Evelynn’s neck near her esophagus.

This mass started at the back of her esophagus and grew around her left vocal cord, stretching it. The mass was also pressing against her left jugular creating a 90% blockage of the vein. A trip to New York City was scheduled to remove the mass. She underwent a 3-hour MRI scan and the pediatric surgeon and an adult neck and throat specialist created a surgical plan. After surgery, the doctors told her mom the was growing aggressively and had permanently paralyzed her left vocal cord. The pathology report came back that the mass was a rare aggressive cancerous tumor and a larger yolk sac tumor and it would need to be treated aggressively.

She started chemotherapy 2 weeks after surgery in New York City and will have to go through a total 4 rounds of chemo, every 21 days, with each round lasting 5 days. Each treatment requires a stay in the hospital due to having IV medication 24/7. Her mom and grandma stay with her at the hospital, while her sister stays with their aunt in Massena.

Evelynn’s mom, Roxanne, is a single mom supporting two beautiful daughters. Since the cancer diagnosis in October 2023, her mom has only been able to work one week, and used 5 weeks of paid family leave (good for 12 weeks total) for treatment time away and any medical issues.

With ongoing treatments, she will run out of paid family medical leave. They are grateful for the family medical leave but it is only ½ the money she would normally bring home for living expenses.

After chemo, she will have to have MRI scans every 3 months, as well as blood-work in New York City. We hope that nothing ever grows back again. After the first year, her checkups will change to every 6 months. We don’t know what her future holds but we do know that the long term affects may well include lymphoma and it will most likely effect her high pitch hearing (essentially losing it). She may have negative long term affects on her liver, kidneys and lungs. She has a port surgically implanted that will be in for the duration.

Her family appreciates any help you can give to support them through their very scary cancer journey.

This Go Fund Me campaign and our fundraising Jamboree in January is the only financial support they have for all of the extra expenses.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are hosting the Jamboree for Evelynn and her family. They are a very close knit supportive loving family.

After some intense number crunching, the family figures the amount of money to remain stable is around $20,000 for the next year. that will assist with all the travel, all the health care expenses, and a portion of the wages her mom will lose taking care of her. The family is doing all they can. Evelynn needs her mom with her through this journey.

Every gift will be used to keep the family safe and solvent. And, with good care and good luck she will be able to be a normal little girl again when this all over.

Please pray for her and her family.

And, if you can make a gift it will help. It really will.

Go Fund Me and Jamboree organized by Linda Rufa, Betty Smith, Heidi Summers, Bonnie-Jean LaPradd, Nicolea Rufa, Adeleina Rufa, Amanda Labier, Katrina Ward, Scott and June McWharf, Susan Sweeney Smith.


Evelynn is home today looking out her window at all the snow. We are grateful she can be home and out of the hospital. Evelynn just finished up 5 days of IV chemo and her mom, Roxy, and grandma, June, were with her. Here [in the photo at the top of this article] she is leaving the hospital…

She’ll be home until the day after Christmas and then have to go back again for another five days of chemo. It is really hard on her but she’s strong. She can’t ask for anything from Santa because she can’t talk. She loves being home with her mom and sister – she can’t see anyone else because her immune system is so compromised.

So far, our community has given almost $5000 in gifts to help Evelynn through this cancer journey. Thank you. We couldn’t be more grateful.

The goal is 20,000 so we still have a ways to go…. With the help of our North Country community, we’ll make it.


Evelynn spent yesterday with her oncologist. It was a routine check up and they discovered Evelynn’s hemoglobin dropped since Tuesday’s bloodwork. Her level was at an 8 on Tuesday and today is 7.3. Hemoglobin delivers oxygen to the tissues and during chemo this is one of the many things the medication destroys. Low levels can make you anemic. This is just one of the side affects of the medications. She had to get a blood transfusion which should take care of it for now. The new blood will help her body fight. This is not a permanent issue. After all the rounds of chemo are done her body should be able to fix itself.

Evelynn is a fighter!

Thanks to everyone who has shared our story, donated and prayed for us.

We have reached over $7000 in donations. That is more than 25% of our goal in less than a week. We are so grateful.

Our local librarian in Cranberry Lake, Heather, put together a box of children’s books that have not been loaned out in a few years. Evelynn will have them soon and she will have something new to do during her treatments. So many people have been kind in personal ways.

It all means the world to us.

If you can donate, please do. If you want to help but can’t donate right now, consider joining us for:

  • An Italian fundraising dinner in Cranberry Lake at the Fire Hall hosted by the Star Lake and Cranberry Lake fire departments on January 13.
  • A bodacious Jamboree in Massena at the Legion on Jan 21, 2024 – food, music, chances to win cool stuff, lots of Evelynn love.

You can also drop your cans and bottles at Mountain Gate / Roadrunner Redemption in Star Lake. All proceeds go to the family. Mike Booth dropped off the first bottles this morning.

The outpouring of support is helping us emotionally and financially. Thank you all again.


We just went over $10,000! Amazing and wonderful. Thank you all so so so much! Evelynn and her family are forever grateful.


Evelynn is home this week sleeping in her own crib and hugging her stuffed dog. This is normal life – the life of sweet kids without cancer. We hope and pray that someday soon that will be her life – no cancer!

Evelynn is amazingly strong.

So is her community of love. We are almost at $11,000 – at a time when most of us are dealing with rising costs in all kinds of ways and with the holidays in all their joy and stress — so many of you reached into your pocket to give to help this family.

We are all humbled and grateful for all the support that has come in to help them. Your gifts pay for travel to and from her medical appointments. They pay for immediate expenses like new tires for her mom’s car so they can safely drive to those appointments. They put groceries on the table and pay rent and support all the normal expenses of daily life. Evelynn’s mom is using her family medical leave which lowers her wages and makes it challenging to pay for their everyday lives.

If you haven’t made a gift yet, please do.

If you can’t make a cash donation, please share this post on your face book page and in all your other social media ways (Instagram, Tik Tok, What’s App, Next Door). You can also click the donate button and you will have the option to share…. click on the share and it gives you all kids of ways to share this story and opportunity to help. You can share without donating and it’s just as important.

The family is humbled and grateful for your kindness and support.

And, please pray.

Thank you.


Evelynn will enjoy Christmas at home with her mom and sister. She won’t be a grinch. On December 26, she heads back to the hospital for another round of chemo. Each trip costs around $500 and the family is so grateful for all the support for them and their precious Evelynn. Merry Christmas!


Evelynn had a surprise visit from Santa thanks to Massena Fire and Rescue. So many people have been generous, kind, loving and supportive. The family feels blessed and loved. Thanks to everyone who has donated, prayed and sent love in whatever way you could. We just went over $12,000 in donations. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

and from Evelynn’s mom, Roxy:
I appreciate it so much ❤️❤️ I would like to add thank you for the donations on the go fund me page. ❤️


Happy Boxing Day!

Evelynn is headed back to the oncologist for five more days of chemotherapy. We are all so grateful she could spend Christmas with her family.

Here she is riding in her sweet car. It will be waiting for her when she gets home. Please pray her treatments this week are easy on her and her family.

It’s a Facebook link so if you don’t have Facebook [not friended], imagine that sweet smiling face riding in her own aqua motorized car – sheer joy!



Click on image to enlarge

Evelynn is spending five days in the hospital for an intravenous chemotherapy drip. Her mom and grandma are by her side. She left home the day after Christmas – leaving behind her toys and her loving sister.

It is a very intense round of meds and she still manages to smile!

We have made great progress in the Go Fund Me campaign — reaching $12,405 on Christmas. Our goal is $20,000 so we still have a ways to go. If you can make a donation please do. If you can’t, please share this post on your Facebook page or via any other social media – X, What’s App, etc. The more we share her story, the more likely we’ll be able to help her and family through this very scary health crisis.


The Junior Firefighters here in Star and Cranberry just donated $500.

$500 From kids.

We raise them good around here.


Click on image to enlarge

Evelynn is home after 6 days of an intensive chemo drip. She’s tired, poor babe.

Imagine being her mom and grandma having to watch her go through this and not being able to explain.

There is a fair amount of chasing around a two year old with an IV pole in a tiny room.

Mom and Grandma are with her every step of the way. Loving on her. Holding her precious little hands. Making sure the IV pole does not get stuck in any little spot and the pull the port out of place.

Our days of supporting Evelynn include donating, sharing the story, and/or planning to attend one of the events (Jan 13 in Cranberry, Jan 21 in Massena).


Click on image to enlarge

You can do your first good deed of 2024!
If you’ve already done one, good for you!

We are almost at $14,000 to help nineteen month old Evelynn and her family fight this aggressive cancer. June and Scott McWharf are her grandparents.

The expenses related to her care are quite overwhelming — from the cost of simply getting to the oncologist and being with her for the five days of treatment every three weeks, to her mom’s lost salary, to the unexpected need for car repairs. It all adds up very very fast – and- the last thing we want for them is to worry about money. They have enough to agonize over.

Please consider making a donation to help them. Join this amazing list of loving people. If you can’t donate, please pray and share this post. Sharing helps reach more people with Evelynn’s story and does bring in more donations. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation (kind people below), prayed and shared her story.

Eugene Lashway
Christine Strong
Patricia Brabaw
Karli Clark
Julie Haas
Clifton Fine Junior Firefighters
Wonderful Random Person at Laneville’s
Lovely Random Woman at Dollar General
Wesley Birchenough
Tim and Sandy O’Hara
Kay M. Dimon
Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit
Jessica Heck
Makiah Moniere
Alan and Maria Ringlund
Russell Strait
Pam Johnson
Becky Love
Roxanne’s Girls From Work
Mike and Donna Gnip
Jeff Dubis
Roger and Debby Folsom
Chuck and Mary Hooven
Dr Gupta
Janice Salamacha
Salvatore DiCiaccio
Thomas Wensley
Irina Smith
Kelli Curran
Vanessa Vaverchak
Dale Grant
Caitlin Goolden
Sharon and Keith Goode
Tom and Cathy Popham
Anne Pickering
Don and Cindy Lashomb
Cranberry Lake Fire Auxiliary
June’s Office Family
Nan Clark
Mr and Mrs Tom Liberty
Sonja Boyce
Susie Warren
Chris Liberty
Cherish McGowan
James King
Joan Foster
Anne Ward
Karen Simpson and Art Mech
Daniel A Ver
Barbara Badlam
Kathleen Karpus
Halsey Bagg
Leslie and Dana Hall
Thomas French
Denise & Bob Barstow
Amanda Gilbride
James LaValley
Cathy Brody
Emma Hitchman
Nicholas Shank
Julie Fogden
James Savage
Leslie Rutkowski
Michele Hall
Jeannette Kiser
Nancy Petrosino
Thomas R Sauter
Rachel Graham
Christina Dusharm
Kathleen Nevil
Laurie Dufore
Mike O’Brien
Sandra Griffin
Kay M. Dimon
Nicholas Hunter
Jason Burnham
Alia Santiago
Sharon Ceravolo
Jared Williams
Gina Porretta-Baker
Nan Clark
James Park
Deborah Wohnsiedler
Darlene Garno
Kathy Camp
Colleen EL-Bejjani
Jessica Ellsworth
Laurie Lafrance
Kathleen Elmer
Adeleina Rufa
June McWharf
Robert Passon and Linda Rufa
Jodie Soltau
Susan And Andy Smith

Team Evelynn Update 1/3/24

Evelyn is home and her numbers were really good at the doctor’s today. Everyone is smiling for the first time in a very long time. We thank you all for your support, prayers, love and shares of her story.


Click on image to enlarge

We know that Evelynn and her family need all the support they can get. Some busy friends have been working hard to put together an Italian Dinner with prizes at the Cranberry Lake Fire Department on January 13 at 4:00. All proceeds go directly to the family. Karen Soltau, Majonica Drake, Denise Barstow, Sandy Griffin, and Jodie Soltau have been busy collecting some awesome prizes — we KNOW you’ll want to bid and have a great meal. We can all show some love to the family by attending.

2 Year old Evelynn is in the midst of aggressive chemotherapy. Evelynn’s mother is running out of family medical leave. Evelynn is the youngest granddaughter of June and Scott McWharf, long time Clifton-Fine community contributors who are always there for us.

4:00-9:00 PM
Soft Drinks Provided – BYOB


  • Handcrafted Table, Jewelry Box, Loon, Red Cedar Clock, Quilts, Art, Picture Frames & More!
  • Cash & Lottery Boards, Carnival Glass
  • Yard Gnomes- Prelit (24” & 36”)
  • Snow Shoes, Hiking/Cooking Backpacks
  • Baskets- Harry & David, Kids Toys, Stonewall Breakfast, & More!
  • Pack Basket Gift Certificates for 4 Take-A-Way Meals
  • Pork & Potato Winter Food Supplies
  • 2 Cords of Heating Wood





We are just $185 away from $15,000. We’ve been on this help Evelynn journey for less than a month – and – we are already just shy of $15,000.

This community is amazing. If you’ve been meaning to make a gift, please stop now and take a minute and make a gift. You can help put us at $15,000 – the upcoming events will hopefully put us over our goal. Be part of the momentum.

Don’t forget to got to Go Fund Me to share this post on your Facebook page — invite more loving generous people to join us.


Click on image to enlarge

Today was a good day. Evelynn’s numbers are still chemo normal. Bloodwork on Monday before round 4 …. our girl smiles through it all.


We just went over the $16,000 mark.  if you are in the North Country, join us to raise funds and celebrate community at the Italian Dinner / Chinese Auction / Silent Auction at the Cranberry Lake Fire Hall starting at 4pm on Saturday the 13th.  If you aren’t here or can’t attend, you are here with us in spirit.  We thank you.

Team Evelynn Update – 1/15/24

Click on image to enlarge

This picture is Evelynn watching MOANA for the fourth time.

She’ll be headed back for more chemo treatment soon. She’s a tough young girl and her family is surrounding her with love. The event in Cranberry Lake raised over $14,000. The family is overwhelmed with all the community love and so grateful. Thank you for donating, praying and sharing their story. The last thing they need to worry about is money and all of us, together, are helping to relieve that piece of their journey.

Team Evelynn Update – 1/16/24

Click on image to enlarge

We are less than $1000 away from the $20,000 goal for this Go Fund Me effort. Thank you for helping to bring us this far. We are TEAM EVELYNN. If you have a few moments, please share the campaign with your circle via Facebook, X, What’s App etc (some of those I don’t even know how to use). Thanks for giving. Thanks for sharing!


We are less than $500 away from our $20,000 Go Fund Me goal. If you wanted to be part of putting us over our goal, today is your day! Please make a gift – and if you can’t or already have – please share this post. We can do this! We almost have!

Evelynn is in the hospital again for her week long chemo IV treatment. Her mom, Roxy, and her grandma, June, are there holding her sweet hands and helping encourage smiles through the treatment period. Please pray for all of them.


Click on image to enlarge.

We have surpassed our 20k Go Fund Me goal to help Evelynn and her family fight cancer. Thanks to each and every one of you for your generosity. From complete strangers to dear friends, the outpouring of love and support is truly remarkable. Thank you!

Our Evelynn is getting chemo this week — but she manages to have some fun in the process — from balance practice, to music therapy to dog therapy.

The event at the Massena Legion this Sunday will close out our fundraising efforts for the family. Come out if you can — noon to 6 at the American Legion in Massena. Lots of food, raffles and music!


Click on image to enlarge.

Humbled. Grateful. The event in Cranberry Lake raised $14,000. The event today in Massena raised $19,000. That, plus this Go Fund Me, lets this beautiful family have one big worry lifted from their shoulders. I really don’t have words to thank you all who gave, shared the effort, and prayed. You can keep praying – they need that. Together we made some magic. Thank you.


We have connected with some lovely people who have invested – like you – in Evelynn’s journey to health.  Shout out to the Curtis Family in Canton who run a foundation called Help Sami Kick Cancer .  Also helping were Ryan’s Wish Foundation, and, just today, Holly LaBombard of Hope For Miracles brought a swag bag and gift cards.

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