Monday, 04 December, 2023


Let’s Do More. Give Now.

Community is the engine that drives the HUB – without you, none of our amazing progress would have happened.

In the last three years we have:

  1. installed docks,
  2. replaced the roof and siding,
  3. installed new steps and walkway,
  4. rejuvenated the ancient septic system,
  5. installed a new water system,
  6. updated the bathroom,
  7. upgraded the gardens and lawn,
  8. replace the breakwall, and
  9. made minor repairs to and cleaned the main floor thoroughly

– no small task!

We also hosted our very first wedding. It was pure Cranberry Lake magic!

We need your ongoing support to ensure that the next steps can happen! The next step is to install a cement pad on the lakeside lawn making the HUB property available for community use both inside and out. Over the next few years, we will continue to make improvements to accommodate all community members.

We also plan to create a history section in the building that will celebrate the history of the church, the community, the Grasse River Railroad and the lake itself.

For us to continue to achieve these goals, we need your financial support.

Please consider a generous gift today to keep the HUB engine moving forward in community service. Yes, your gift is tax deductible another of our accomplishments was to become a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. Denise Barstow is singly responsible for this exhausting achievement.

The HUB’s yearly budget is approximately $10,000. Additional donations will allow us to continue improving our community facility.

Your gift matters. Without you, we would not own the HUB or be able to make it a community resource. Without you, there is no HUB. Please give generously.

Send your tax deductible contribution to:

Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub
PO Box 614
Cranberry Lake, NY 12927

Sincerely, The HUB Board:

  • Scott McWharf
  • June McWharf
  • Nick Hunter
  • Denise Barstow
  • Bill Griffin
  • Darren Bullard
  • Susan Smith

2 comments on “Let’s Do More. Give Now.

Marci Dimon Bennett

Is there a way to give online? It would be awesome to have an online payment system and/or QR code posted outside the hub, so folks to scan and make a donation using their phone. 🙂


Thank you for this suggestion. We are investigating ways to implement it.


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