Sunday, 01 October, 2023


Survey: Leave As Is

Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub Survey Results

The HUB Board conducted a community survey via our Open Houses and on Facebook and in The Bargain Hunter during the last few weeks. The survey was an effort to determine how the community wanted the board to move forward with building use. The two questions and the tally of responses follow:

48 – Keep the historic structure as it appears now; with pews etc in place. Use the facility for concerts, lectures and family celebrations of all sorts including weddings and baptisms.

18 – Transition the main floor such that it could be used for community meals and other types of community gatherings. This would require removal of the pews and the space would serve functions similar to those now hosted by the Fire Hall and Community Room.

4 – Other responses that were either new (open a bar which is not possible because it is restricted in the deed) or a combination of the two above.

The Board will work over the course of the winter to create community use policies for the property that fit the building use selected by most people – keeping the historic structure as is. If you have any questions, please feel free to be in touch with us at

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