Monday, 04 December, 2023


Hub’s Year in Review

Yippee! Hurray! Huzza Huzza!

The Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub is rapidly becoming a point of pride for our community. Due to your generosity, in the last year, we:

  • Took ownership of the building
  • Formed a not for profit with an active board
  • Installed a new and desperately needed roof
  • Are in year two of a collaboration with the Cranberry Lake Boat Club to provide free community docking
  • Are in the process of cleaning up the shrub line on the right of the building (you’d be amazed what that was hiding… tires, MANY dog balls, lots of just plain old garbage, stumps and various pieces of metal
  • The siding will go on the building this spring or early summer
  • We will install two picnic tables; one donated in honor of Bob Englert; one donated by the Molnar and Coughlin families, and two benches; one in honor of the Dimon Family and one donated by the Clifton Fine Community Fund

We had hoped – and we know you shared that hope – that we would be able to host events on the property this summer but the reality is we have a very small footprint both of land and building so it’s not safe to host a large celebratory gathering; although we would love to.

It is your gift – when combined with those of your your neighbors and friends – that has allowed us to make so much progress so quickly. The board will be working diligently this summer to define next stage projects and we will be in touch as those plans evolve. You can follow our progress on our Facebook page; the most current information is posted there.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy a wonderful summer!



Scott McWharf, President
Denise Barstow, Vice President
June McWharf, Secretary
Clint Farnsworth, Treasurer

Board Members:

Nick Hunter
Darren Bullard
Terri Smith

2 comments on “Hub’s Year in Review

Jack and Laurie Fitch

We have been visiting Cranberry Lake since our oldest child was five months old. He is 29 years old now. We have many wonderful memories of worshipping with your community in the Presbyterian church, and are so happy to see the beautiful new roof. We were able to use the new community docks yesterday, which are so impressive. Wonderful to see what your organization is doing for your community.

Susan Smith

Thanks Jack and Laurie — so glad you have enjoyed so many wonderful years here in this place we all love. The Hub is one way we can all work together to bring some much needed improvements to the hamlet center and we really appreciate your kind words. Have a great summer.


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