Tuesday, 05 March, 2024


Spring Cleaning

For the last week or so the Hub Board has been focused on cleaning up the tree and brush line along the west side of the property.  If you see them you can extend thanks to June, Scott, and Brayden McWharf, Denise Barstow, Clint Farnsworth and Susan Smith.  There is still some work to be done but we’ll get there!  Siding is the next project!

2 comments on “Spring Cleaning

Julie Higgins

Wondering if there has been any fund raising recently?

Susan Smith

Julie –
We just sent out the final pledge reminders for our amazingly generous friends who made three year pledges. Folks have been making gifts for special projects (buying benches and picnic tables) and just because they want to. We have been making foundation proposals to our local foundations – quite successfully. We will be doing more fundraising going forward as projects and operating expenses become clear. This year we did not feel it appropriate to do new fundraising with pledges still to come in and in the face of the COVID issues with being able to use the building. Please feel free to ask any questions you have and thanks for caring.


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