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Hub Owns Its Building

Dateline: 21 Sept 2019
The Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub, Inc. is now the proud owner of the Cranberry Lake building previously owned by the Western Adirondack Presbyterian Church.  The ownership of this building is a true first step in downtown revitalization and we are honored by the many ways the entire community has supported this effort.

Pictured here is the church in its present condition – first project will be the roof!  Board President Scott McWharf, Vice President Denise Barstow, and Board Member Darren Bullard are pictured here on the steps of the now official Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub. The other board members – June McWharf, Clint Farnsworth, Nick Hunter, and Terri Smith were not available for this picture.

Please ask any questions you have of any board member or leave questions here or private message us on FaceBook.

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