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Finalizing Sale of Church Building APPROVED By the NYS Supreme Court!

Dateline:  September 1, 2019—

Sale of the Cranberry Lake Presbyterian church building requires the approval not only of the Session of the Western Adirondack Presbyterian Church (which has occurred), but also the The Presbytery of Northern New York (which has occurred), and the New York State Attorney General (which has occurred), and the State Supreme Court.  FLASH:  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED WORD THAT THE Supreme Court HAS APPROVED THE SALE OF THE CHURCH SO  OUR LAWYERS CAN NOW MOVE TO CLOSING!  HURRAY!  It is an on-going process, moving “decently and in order” and we anticipate closing relatively early in the fall.  All good things in time.

Thanks to all of our generous donors and volunteers and we navigated a full year of process to get to actual ownership.  Your ideas for building use will be considered over the course of winter as we develop a prioritized list of renovations and consider our short and long term impact.  We’ll need your advice, counsel and support all along the way!

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