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Unfounded Rumor Clarified

Dateline:  August, 2019—

The Hub Board intends to operate with complete transparency and disclosure on all activities and actions.  There is a rumor circulating about the HUB Board taking donor dollars to purchase the dockage system without community consultation.  We would like to clarify.

When we did the fundraising to purchase and improve the property, that included almost anything that served the community.  One of the single most often requested item on the wish list developed at the community meeting last summer was dockage in the hamlet.

To that end, we approached the Cranberry Lake Boat Club and navigated an agreement that served both the Boat Club dockage needs and our desire to provide FREE community dockage.  The Boat Club donated their dockage system for the community’s use for two years as a trial run.  The Western Adirondack Presbyterian Church graciously allowed us to put the dockage system in place even though we do not yet own the property.  We believe that eight free community dock slips provided in partnership with the Boat Club—and due in large part to their generosity—is a WIN for the hamlet, the donors, and for a united community

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Jack and Laurie Fitch

Dear Northshore Hub, How can a donation be made to your organization? Thank you, Jack and Laurie Fitch


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