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“Chagall: The Play” a Hit!

To an overflow full-house (aka Cranberry Lake Pavilion) on August 15th Chagall: The Play premiered to a most appreciative audience.  Starring Gregg Axel-Lute, Kate Kosier, Bob Reynolds, Deb Roberts, Alix Ross, Mary Simmons, Susan Smith, Jodie Soltau, Maeve Ward, Ted Ward, and Chuck Yartz (as Chagall), the cast included a large number of supporting Cranberry Lake extras.  The event was sponsored by the Cranberry lake Boat Club, the Clifton-Fine Community Fund via the Northern New York Community Foundation, and donations of props and costumes by: the Boat Club, CLVFD Auxiliary, Randy Hayes, Kate Kosior, Patricia Petersen, Hans Petersen, Jim Redd, Bob Reynolds, Dave Ruckowski, Jon Kott, Harris Smith, Susan Smith, Allan Splete, and Chuck Yarts.

While residing in New York City as refugees from the Nazi invasion of France in 1941, Marc Chagall and his wife Bella spent the summers of 1943 and 1944 at Cranberry Lake.  Their Yiddish was confused with German, and reportedly some locals viewed Chagall as a potential spy. As a farce, Chagall: The Play explores the good nature of Cranberry Lake’s residents in helping Chagall out of a tight spot, while it pokes fun at local customs.  There were many good laughs at the “outright”, “forthright” and “in” jokes.

Image: Sur La Route A La Cranberry Lake

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